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Stone walls: Truly, my favorite thing to construct. Building stone walls is where it all began for me. My preference is to use native stones and to create a wall that looks like it has been there through history. Stone walls can be decorative or structurally significant, but in either case a wall of stone should be visually attractive.

Stone walls come in so many different shapes and styles, from crude farmers' walls to meticulous angular walls.  When choosing the type
of wall you want to build, it is so important to know what is pleasing to your own sense of taste and style.  Taking pictures of things you
like will allow me to build just what you desire.

Building stone walls with structural integrity is critical within the lakes region and mountains of New Hampshire.  Winter brings a deep frost which can cause heaving if the ground beneath is not prepared properly.  An even larger problem is buildup of water (and ice) behind a retaining wall; and never forget the path a plow truck will take when designing your wall.  When constructed properly, a stone wall should last for generations, but it takes proper design and installation.

Perched beaches are a growing trend, as they provide a great place to relax with minimal impact on the lake.  In the past year alone, I
have built perched beaches in Alton, Moultonborough, Meredith, and Tuftonborough.  This application comes with its' own set of challenges.  While waves can impact the wall, the real damage typically occurs in the winter through ice flows.

Rustic Stone & Garden Design can build the wall you want with style and structural integrity.


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